What's going on with Pilates Origin?


Hi, I am Louise and I initially started Pilates due to a chronic back problem and could not believe the difference it made to my body, first my back started feeling so much better but with regular practice my body shape changed significantly - I found my shape!  I continued my practice and eventually quit the corporate world and re-trained to teach 'Joseph Pilates Classical Method' and I continue to love both practising and teaching Joe's work.  I do what I love everyday - how lucky am I!   Welcome to Pilates Origin. x


Saturday morning workouts are popular!

We added the Saturday class to trial it but not only do we have new clients joining, we also have some of our keener Pilates fans that join us to do a second class each week!  We love it when they are keen:-)

Pilates is like anything, the more you put in the more you get out so regular practice is a must and then you will see and feel the change in your body!  Saturday is a 'Mixed ability' class so all welcome and you just work at your level.  It's a great atmosphere and a fabulous way to kick start your weekend.  8.45am - 9.30am.  Get booked in soon.


It's not just about the workout....


There is a lovley little Coffee Shop at the The Arc where you can hang out with your new Pilates friends for a cuppa and a chat after your workout!  


Get up, workout, chill out!



New Beginners Class


Some of the newbies doing their Side Kick Series - looking fabulous already ....and with a smiles on their faces too:-!

Studio Pilates

It's a whole other world and I love it.

This is me doing one of my favourite exercises - Short Spine on the Reformer.  It feels so good as you open your lower back when you roll back down into the reformer.

Working with the apparatus is so good for the body as you work in a supported way and with the resistance of springs.   Get in touch for more details.

Get social 

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